Sep 5, 2011

F to the A to the Q...

I spent this last week at Em's and found this gem on her bookshelf! A somewhat recent (two years old) picture of the four of us together at her wedding. And somehow seeing that photo got me to thinking that we don't have an FAQ page...

Like you probably didn't know that Emma got married two years ago, just one week before Lu did. Crazy. And maybe you wonder how long we lived in Germany? Are we German? Are there only girls in our family? You wonder these things, right?

So, you didn't have to ask frequently, but I've kicked off some FAQs. Let us know if you have any other questions! :)

How come Marie is so dark and Lu and Em are so fair? Are you guys really sisters?

Yes! Our mom is half Filipino and our dad is about as white as they come. It's funny to us that the blondies in our family are just as Filipino as the rest of us!

How long have your parents lived in Germany?

It's probably obvious, but we're not German, although in total, our family has lived there about 19 years....whaaaat? Did I do my math right? That is a long time! Our family first went to Germany in 1990 on a three-year military assignment. After that my dad got out of the Army and we moved back to CA. But my parents missed Germany, and so they moved back in 1995. They've been in Heidelberg, Germany ever since! Lissie is the only sister that still lives at home with them.

Do you guys have brothers? How many kids are there in your family?

There are seven kids in our family and yes, we have brothers! We love them!! Matthew (27), who is just younger than me, lives in DC. He is a very good artist and loves music--an all-around super talented guy who we miss and don't see often enough. Our brothers Christian (18) and Bryant (15), still live in Germany with Lissie and our parents. Christian is getting ready to come stateside for college in the next year and loves his guitar and music and many other things I'm sure. Bryant is also good with music, but I think his passion is soccer and hanging with his friends. Correct me if I'm wrong, Bryant! :) Anyway, Bryant is the baby of the family, and just typing his name makes me want to give him a big smooch on the cheek.

Any other questions?? :)

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