Sep 12, 2011

Off You Go...

Hey Guys,

Today I saw my little Isabella off to Kindergarten for her first day of school! She was so confident and ready for this milestone, and I am so excited for her! I'll pick her up in just an hour and can't wait to hear how her day went.  

She was acting way too grown up this morning... she didn't wake up super early with the jitters like I would have expected, she put on her clothes like it was no big deal. She picked out everything she wore from head to toe. She did not want me to curl her hair, but I talked her into it. I tried to get her to wear jeans, tennis shoes, something a little more playground friendly, but she was having none of it. Cute girly girl.

I had big plans for a waffle breakfast and family prayer before she left, but who am I kidding? I was the mom in sweats  speed walking and speed talking a prayer. And then at the bus stop, I was begging for kisses and waves and smiles as I played paparazzi.  And then as soon as the bus took off with her in the very front seat next to some boy she doesn't know (gah!), I hopped in my van and then maybe broke the law trying to speed ahead and catch up with the bus, so that I could watch her make it into her classroom, all unbeknownst to her, of course... I'm cool like that.

Oh, and while I didn't make a gourmet breakfast, I did finish making the little gift I've been saving to give her this morning.  It's an old CD tin that I decorated, and in the inside there's a picture of Jesus, her name and a little notepad and pen and some stickers and magnets. (Thanks, Dotti!) I just thought it was a fun schoolish gift, and she seemed to love it and immediately stuck it in that front pocket of her backpack.

Okay, now I'm going to hurry and take a shower so that I can pick her up in a half-hour, hopefully looking a little better than I did this morning!!


PS. Yes, I cried. :(

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