May 28, 2012

My Free Time...

In my free time lately, I've been doing some new things, like:

*Getting up close and personal with a baby calf. It's not as sweet-looking as you'd expect, huh? Yeah, I don't know why it didn't like me. I feel like this picture needs a caption like, "I know you're not an animal person." Actually, it needs a better caption. Can you come up with one, please?

*Gardening and weeding--gasp! (And liking it!)

*Shopping for a free piano on Craigslist---not as easy as I'd like, but I found this one today: 

What do you think? Should I keep looking? Is it worth cramming into my living room? I don't even know how to get it from point A to point B, and it's located about an hour from my house. But it's FREE. 

*Eyeing our guitar and thinking about teaching myself how to play it, since we don't really have room in our house for a piano, and I miss playing the piano terribly lately. Maybe learning how to play the guitar could fill that void?

*Writing lyrics in my head... get ready, Lissie. :)

*Sewing super-hero masks for my kids and thinking about sewing my girls multiples of this dress:

The pattern is $10 on Etsy... what do you think? Will it make me want to rip my hair out?

*Working out... On Saturday, I ran two miles for the first time in a loooong time and, of course, it felt really good! I'm hoping my knees will hold out for more runs. My knees are why I ever stopped running in the first place, so wish me luck! And I need a running buddy. Remember when we would run through the vineyards? I could use a vineyard, too.

*Tie dying dresses and shirts for my kids. I'm excited to take pictures of my little hippies. I guess I just need a little more free time!


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