Jun 25, 2012

Dear Anthropologie,

I LOVE YOU! Smooochie, smooch. I feel like we were made for each other. I love you so much, my photography business name was even inspired by your "ie" ending. (marie photographie.)

But isn't it a little weird that I've never purchased a single item?

I haven't. Your prices are outside of my price range, but I think next time I stroll through your shop, I'm going to break and buy something--anything! I'm pretty sure I could afford a knob. Or a cup or something. Yes, cups are $12. I could buy a cup!

So anyway, Hubs and I went shopping in Seattle on Saturday night with some friends and, like usual, I drooled over every last thing. I wish we could make our flower shops just like you. Your latest Seattle storefront display with the huge coral reef made out of tissue paper is spectacular.

But get this. I just went to your website, and I didn't have the same experience. I mean I like things on your site (hello, that would make sense, since it's the same items that are in your store). But inside the store, I LOVE and want things. What I'm trying to say is that the vibe and essence of your in-store environment makes a huge difference. And you, my dear Anthropologie, are brilliant at that!


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