Jun 18, 2012


It was really weird. I had a totally free Saturday--the calendar for the day was as blank as it's ever been, and of all things, I filled it right up with gardening (and that's a fancy way of putting it).  I have no idea what's gotten into me, but I'll take it! (And I'm pretty sure the florist family I married into will take it too.)

It all started several weeks ago when my good friend Courtney said she would help me put plants and flowers into the garden bed in our front yard. And I could go on and on about how much she has helped me! But one of the biggest things she's done is map out what plants to get and where to put them. She is so good to me, and I'm so grateful!

So, the first step, she said, was to get better dirt. She said I needed compost and garden soil. Well, being the Craigslister that I am, I found a ton of free horse manure and talked Will into picking it up and wheelbarrowing it back into a pile in the "woods behind our house." Frankly, it's pretty disgusting, but the stench has worn off. That was weeks ago, so it felt good on Saturday to finally till it into my garden bed along with the fancy dirt we got at a landscaping place. Oh, and another good friend gave me a huge rhododendron! So we planted that. And I'm sure this all sounds like cake, but it was hard work, and I'm really proud of the dirt. I can't imagine how thrilled I'll be when we actually have a little flower garden in there. And the kids are jumping right in, too. So much so, that on Saturday I'm confident they were as filthy and ragamuffin as they've ever been. I can't even be sure they didn't eat dirt.

So, everybody, talk to your plants because I hear that they have feelings, and hopefully I'll be able to show you how happy mine are real soon. Or there's always that option where you come see it in person. You know I'm a huge fan of that.


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