Jun 11, 2012

So, about turning 30...

I never really posted about my 30th birthday. Some highlights were that my husband threw me a surprise birthday party. It's bittersweet, but there are no pictures. (But I'm thinking that's probably mostly sweet since my hair was a frizzy mess from spending a huge chunk of the day in the rain, and my makeup was pretty much non-existant. It's always fun showing up to your own party feeling ugly.)   If you're wondering what my reaction looked like, though, I probably made a face similar to the face I made the last time I was thrown a surprise party--on my 12th birthday. I do have a picture of that. See? Well, I guess you can't really see.

Here's a closer view. That's the face I made when a bunch of my friends jumped out of my closet and said "Surprise!" (My mom told me to go get my new shoes out of my closet to show my aunt. Tricky. And how dorky am I? Wow, is all I have to say about that. :))

But back to my 30th. There's lots of little things I could share, but let me tell you about one of the most memorable gifts I got. I actually opened my presents after everyone left, and when I opened this particular bag, I pulled out a shower cap, and thought:

Oh my goodness! Cheryl knows me too well. She got me the same shower cap I already have! So cute, I love it. And wow, there's more... awww, what cute reading glasses. I love the flowers on them. 

Next I pulled out a pill dispenser and thought

Huh, that's different. I wonder what made her think to give me this? But I don't have one, so I bet it'll come in handy someday.

And lastly, I pulled out some pretty lipstick and thought, 

I would've never thought of picking out lipstick for a friend, but she did good. I love the color. Man, I can't believe how many presents she got me. I will definitely have to write her a thank-you. 

And so that very night I sent her a thank-you email.

Her response:

LOL, that was a gag gift!

Oh. Well. Yes, I suppose those are a bunch of old lady gifts.

I'm kinda proud I was so oblivious.


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