Jul 2, 2012

No I Do NOT Want to Play the Celebrity Look-Alike Game.

Here is a picture of Hubs and I at a wedding reception a few weeks ago, where a stranger came up to me and told me I looked like Jenna Fischer.


No offense, Jenna Fischer from The Office, but I don't really want to be your look alike. I mean you're a cute girl and all, and The Office is super funny, but really, I look like you? I don't see it, but that's okay. It is a HUGE step up from looking like The Rock. (I uploaded a picture of myself to a celebrity look-alike site several years ago, and it told me that I looked like The Rock (male), that my husband looked most like Claudia Fischer (female), and that our nine-month-old-very-white-and-bald baby looked like Oprah. (Say what?!)) 

I guess I just miss the good ol' college days when that one time someone told me I looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones or Katie Holmes or Jessica Alba.  Humph. I don't see myself in any of those gals, either, but I do think they're pretty. Jenna Fischer is a pretty girl in real life, too. But in The Office, and how most people envision her? Yeah, I'm not dying to look like that nerdy, frizzy-haired girl.

So yeah, Lissie you totally look like the beautiful Emma Watson, and Emma you definitely look like that adorable girl, Carey Mulligan, and together you and Lulu look just like the Olsen Twins. So, I guess I'll cheer up (because I am related to you guys and must somehow look like those gorgeous peeps, too) and be Jenna Fischer. Why Jenna Fischer?  Oh, you know, because we both have brown hair. And we're both female. It's really not so bad.

Yeah, it definitely makes sense. Honestly, I'm starting to see it!

 XOXO, Marie

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